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Synthetic Urine Guide
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All You Need To Know About A Whizzinator, How It Works And How To Use It

A whizzinator is a commercial gadget that resembles and functions just like a male urinary system. For some, it is used for sexual games, but by most it is used for prank purposes just because it looks, acts and its texture feels like a male urinary organ. This is the reason as to why it comes with a heater packs, a syringe as well as synthetic urine. The heater packs aid in keeping the synthetic urine at body temperature. 

The latest model of this gadget is the Whizzinator touch. This model is different from previous models as it requires touch to operate. Also, in this model, the switch is located at the base and acts as a safety toggle to prevent the incidence of accidental spills. On the other hand, the main trigger is located at the front part of the gadget. It's the main purpose it to accurately imitate the actual urination process. All you have to do is to press the top of the device to enable the steady flow of synthetic urine out from the attached vinyl pouch.

The First Aid Synthetic Urine is effective and much reliable in all situations. However, the device should not be used for any illegal purposes, but just for the stated purposed by the manufacturer. When using this device, all you should ensure is that you get to act natural as well as use the best synthetic urine that actually doesn't differ from the original one. 

So how do you use this gadget? It is quite simple. First, start by closing the safety switch found at the base. After that inject the synthetic urine found in the kit carefully into the vinyl pouch. There is an attached tube present that eases this process. Once you are done, take the heat packs and gently attach to the vinyl pouch. The synthetic urine will take about one hour to heat to the temperature similar to normal urine. The packs should remain attached and will be able to keep the synthetic urine heated for at least eight hours. Once the synthetic urine is heated, take the Whizzinator and strap it on yourself. Before carrying out the 'urination,' open the safety switch. After doing all this, all you now need to do is to press the dead of the gadget, and the urine will start to flow.

Up to date, there is yet to be an invention of female Whizzinator. This is because manufacturers argue that it is very difficult to come up with a prosthetic female urinary organ that will work as effectively as a normal one.